For a good quality sleep

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For a healthy sleep…

For a healthy sleep…The healthiest for you and your beloved ones

We can produce the beds which we produced with expert knowledge and expert experience in special measures according to your personal needs and requests in Sünsa which combined tradition with technology. You can order either single, double, or a different size according to your need.

Which Mattress is the Best for You!

Our sales representatives in our stores will help you with a little test for the best mattress for you.


Children’s sleep quality is also directly linked to the mattress. Our specially designed baby mattress provide a perfect support for the developing infant’s spine, while allowing the body to breathe through sensitive sleep periods.


You can make your patient eat food by bringing your patient to a sitting position, or if you want, you lift the foot part and allow the patient to rest. The hospital mattress is electric and positioned with the control.


Because everyone staying at the hotel expects a complete service throughout the stay and wants to experience a perfect sleep. Meeting high expectations is a very difficult task, but if you make the right product choices for your investment, your job is much easier.

Yacht, Brigantine and Vessel Mattress!

It is the address of quality sleep in sailing, yacht, brigantine and vessels and preference of those who do not compromise comfort and chic.

Sünsa Mattress, produced with special dimensions without sacrificing comfort, are produced specially for person and space for all types of yachts and boats.

On long voyages, it transforms the passion of the sea into joy.

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Through the consumer demands, Sunsa has been keeping its deserved position in the sector by following up the technological innovations on production programme and frequently renewed product portfolio since 1979.
Plevne Cad. No:137 Siteler – Ankara
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