Blog Suggestions for Sleep…

2 Haziran 2018by admin

1- If you are taking a nap during the day, do not exceed 30 minutes. Long durations of nap affect the night sleep negatively.

2- Stay away from stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine before bed. You can eat a high protein snack, 1 fruit 2-3 hours before sleep. These foods increase the consumption of sleep-regulating hormones. But stay away from cereal and sugar as they negatively affect the sleep rhythm. Avoid fatty, fried, spicy, carbonated food and beverages or the ones with vinegar.

3- Exercise provides good sleep quality. A short 10-minute bike or hike will significantly increase the night’s sleep quality. However, do not exercise intensively during bedtime.

4- Expose yourself to natural light all day long. Your bedroom shall not be too bright in the night.

5- Get a useful relaxant habit before sleep. Warm shower, book reading, light stretching exercises, meditation …

6- Avoid excessive emotional speech or environments before sleep.

7- Make sure your bed linen and bedclothes are suitable, and your pillow and bed are comfortable. Your bedroom should be cool, not hot or even warm. One of the signs that prepare the body for sleep is the fall of ambient temperature.

8 – Your bedroom should not have light and sound sources such as television, mobile phone. If necessary, you can have dark curtains, fans, air humidifiers, earplugs.

9- Do not let any electrical device approach you more than 1 meter. Do not use noisy alarms. They create anxiety in the body.

10 – Use your bed only to sleep. Go to bed as soon as possible. 23.00 pm is the most ideal. Because between 23.00 and 01.00 is the time to renew our adrenal system . It would be better for you to sleep during this period. The biliary artery also removes the toxicity from the body in this period. If you wake up, the toxic return to the liver.

11- Do not change your bed time. Get up in the morning that you should wake up.

12 – Wear bed-socks. Feet are the most chilled area of ​​the body. Wearing bed-socks reduces awakening at night. Forget about your earthly affairs in the last 2 hours before you go to bed.

13- You can listen to relaxing music. Spiritual practices and readings that comfort you will be useful before sleep.