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2 Haziran 2018by admin


How should mattress selection be done? Tips for choosing the right mattress and pillow


There shall be low load on spine and discs.

The most suitable mattress in terms of spine health is the mattress that can provide the least load bearing position on the spine and discs. We need to maintain the normal posture that the spine maintains during the day in the course of sleep. Very soft, elastic or very hard mattress cannot protect the normal posture position after a certain period of time and forces the backbone and discs. Because the spine cannot protect its normal posture, which is at least forced, in very hard or soft mattress.

As the normal curvature of the spine cannot be maintained for a long time, the natural curvature may bend more or disappear completely. In both cases, the ligaments that hold the lumbar vertebrae together stretch to the extreme, overloading the discs between the vertebrae and the nerves coming out of the vertebrae may be affected. As a result, when we get up in the morning, we have to start the day with back and waist pain. In the following period, these overloads that occur on the vertebrae can result in damage that cannot be reversed and eventually there may be diseases that may require surgical interventions.


Pay particular attention to these for spine health.

  • Mattress measurements must be at least 20 cm longer than the height of the person and at least 95 cm wide.
  • The bed should not be too hard or too soft. It should be selected with moderate hardness.
  • Brand reliability and warranty period should also be considered.
  • The company should inform about how long the flexibility of the bed foam and springs will be lost.

Pillow selection is also important

It should not be forgotten that the choice of pillow with the choice of bed is also important in terms of spine health. The normal posture of the neck region should be supported, as in the case of the waist. Particularly, the head should not fall on the side of the during lying on either side and should not hang behind while lying back. The pillow should prevent the head and neck from falling side and back and the strain in the neck muscles should be minimized.